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5 Decades of Quality Championship Winning Boats

We are currently building and supplying the 505, K6, Viper 640, Enterprise, and Firefly. We now own the licence to build the Sonar keelboat and have produced a number for the US market already. We are also about to start production of the Squib keelboat. Our company’s history goes far deeper with a spread of successful boats built over the past 50 years.

Here's a summary of the boats Rondar have built either under the Rondar name or under contract for other suppliers along with a selection of results.

B14 8 National and 2 world titles
Blaze National championship after re-design
Cadet 4 World and National wins
Contender 12 Worlds, 28 National, 4 European titles
Enterprise 2 world and 3 National Championships
Fireball European and National Championship
Firefly 6 National Championship wins
505 13 World, 8 European and over 100 National titles
420 2 World Championships and 38 National titles
K6 Sole Builder
Lark 8 National Championships
Merlin Rocket
Phantom 12 National Championships
Tasar 3 National Titles
Viper 640 Sole builder
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