Rondar K6

The K6 is a 19 feet long day sailing keelboat ideal for a crew of 2-3. It has a strong European race circuit and there are also fleets in the US. It is well balanced and easy to manage, both on and off the water.

  • Well established in the US and the UK with a number of fleets.
  • Ideal 2-3 person day keelboat that can be easily craned or launched from a trailer.
  • Economically priced to include quality sails, trailers etc.
  • Fleet production deals available.


Two or three crew, with a competitive racing crew weight range of 300-450 pounds.

Ease of Use

On its trailer, in the parking lot, the K6 sits low to the ground, making it easy to rig, with no ladders or climbing required. The single line spinnaker halyard & retrieval system together with the spinnaker launcher being forward of the forestay, means that spinnaker launches are easy as a bear-away or gybeset, and douses are equally easy from either gybe, so mark roundings are more tactical, simplifying boat handling considerations at roundings.

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